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We work every day to best perform the important role that our customers entrust to us. Our commitment is aimed at surprising the recipient of the gift box and at the same time having a customer who is satisfied with our work.

For information about the following services, Customer Service is available on 0173 386898

A truly your gift

Riserva d’Italia has for years only been involved in creating gift packages capable of combining elegance and quality, gifts that are already perfect like this.
For those who want to give them a personal touch, there are numerous possibilities to do so.
A unique gift, which will amaze you with its content and packaging!

In the packages that provide it
it is possible to replace the Panettone
with sourdough, hazelnut glaze
and whole almonds, with White
Shape and dough of the panettone,
without raisins or fruit
candied. Soft, light and fragrant!
Just express your opinion
preference when ordering,
without additional costs.

Leave a mark

The unmistakable character of the Riserva d'Italia packs is the customization of the lid by printing the company logo. We were the first to do it on wooden trunks and today we also offer this service on cardboard boxes.*

Wish the best

Inside the gift boxes it is possible to insert a personalized greeting card with a message and logo.*

Single shippings

The gift packages can be shipped to a single address, at your office for example, or directly to the recipients of your gifts.*

You choose

For years we have been studying the best combination of the best Italian excellences, creating thematic and balanced proposals. We are also able to propose ad hoc solutions for customers who have specific needs.

*Details and costs on +39 0173 386898

Good gifts in every sense

Packs starting from €14.50.
It doesn’t take much to be remembered with a smile, but also to smile!
Did you know that goods with a value of less than €50 (including VAT), sold free of charge, are FULLY deductible for IRES-IRAP purposes and VAT is deductible?
12 of our proposals meet this requirement. Discover them all!

A graphic studio all for you

When it comes to gifts, content is key. The attention to detail is the added value. Riserva d’Italia has always made available the logo printing service on gift boxes, together with the possibility of inserting advertising material or a personalized greeting card. However, not all companies have a graphic studio, so we make our professional graphic designers available to create communication supports*.

As you like

Do you have an idea of ​​communication? Our graphic designers will create it for you. It will be sufficient to provide some indications (purpose, style, content) and the rest will arise from the creativity made in Riserva d'Italia. You will view the proposal, together you will perfect it and the print file will be prepared.

Up to 3 revisions

Once the graphic solution has been approved, it is possible to refine the content up to 3 times before creating the print file.

Review of existing material

If you already have a file, our graphic designers will take care of the small changes you need (size, orientation, preparation of print files) or make small changes to the design.


We also offer our customers the printing service from trusted suppliers, on a quote.

A single contact person

From the fact-finding interview to the end of your project, you will have a single interlocutor, your dedicated graphic designer. *Details and costs on +39 0173 386898.

Corporate event
For Christmas and other holidays, to promote relationships between colleagues, to celebrate important goals or simply to spend time together with your team, you can organize your corporate event with us*. The Riserva d’Italia products will be the protagonists, expertly crafted by chefs and gastronomes with whom we collaborate.