Riserva d'Italia

For companies


Christmas packages are the ideal gifts for a company of any size and field of activity.
In fact, donating expertly selected food and wine excellence means wishing the recipient to live a real experience.

For years we have distinguished ourselves not only for the quality of the products, but also for the numerous services (from customization to delivery) that our customers appreciate: we carefully study the combination of the best Italian excellences, creating original and balanced proposals, but we are also able to propose ad hoc solutions, meeting specific needs.


Logo Each gift box can bear the Company logo printed in one color or, starting this year, in colour!
Ticket Ticket We can insert a greeting card from supplied by the Company or made by us into the box.
Content The products carefully selected by us can create in-house gift solutions, designed for every need

Keys in hand

Choosing Riserva d’Italia for Christmas gifts means relying on a partner able to satisfy any need and who will take care of every aspect, from the proposal of the assortment to the delivery.

“As you would. But we do it.”


Goods with a value of less than €50 (excluding VAT) sold free of charge are FULLY deductible for IRES-IRPEF purposes and VAT is deductible.
Our gift boxes are good 2x! 11 packages are available in the 2023 gift catalog that ensure these tax benefits.

Discover all!

Marketing office

When it comes to gifts, content is key. Attention to detail is the added value.

Do you have an idea for your company’s
communication? Our graphic designers will create it for you and, if necessary, they will also take care of the production.

They will also be able to organize a corporate event for you with Riserva d’Italia products: from dinner to show cooking, from masterclasses to the most fun and unifying you can do with good food!