Riserva d'Italia


Riserva d’Italia is animated by passion and the search for “good things”.
We are in the heart of the Langhe, home of good food and excellent wines.

A territory made of history, ancient recipes and ancient knowledge.

For over 10 years, our only mission has been to select Italian food and wine excellences
and enclose them in elegant gift boxes.

From the products of our territory, from small producers that we know one by one, to those of companies of undisputed quality, to the creations of starred chefs, to the excellences DOP, IGP, DOCG.

Tajarin, hazelnut cake, Barolo salt, nougat thus meet panettone and pandoro, Parma salami, Taggiasco oil,
pasta from Gragnano, anchovies from Cetara, tuna from Carloforte…
Quality products that tell the story of a place and talk about who produces them.

They represent the true heart of Italy, the one known throughout the world for the value of its cuisine
and universally appreciated for the quality of its products.

We take the same care in the composition of the gift packages, we pack them one by one in a customized cardboard envelope and we ship them, both in Italy and abroad, by express courier to ensure that they are delivered to the recipient in the best possible way.

“We put our face to it: you choose the gift, we create it for you.
We treat each gift box as if it were our own.”


Riserva d’Italia has always offered only Italian products… of quality, controlled and, last but not least, which require short transports, therefore with lower cost and impact on the environment than foreign products.

After all, we don’t need to go far…

Italy is rich in excellence and has a great variety of food and wine products that everyone envies us.

“Why look elsewhere?”

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