Riserva d'Italia



The “Riserva d’Italia” project was born from the desire to offer, in the panorama of Christmas gifts, gift packs with quality products in sophisticated packaging, reversing the trend that was predominant up to that time.

Thus began the search for handicraft products, small productions, little-known realities but with great cultural and gastronomic value.

Since then, every year we have been studying new gift solutions, paying ever greater attention to the environment and investing in cutting-edge equipment capable of offering an ever better service.

This is why, since its inception, Riserva d’Italia has been synonymous with quality and refinement.

“One day I asked myself: why do most gift packages cost little and more in terms of quantity than quality of products? What will be inside? I want to reverse course!”

Our know-how

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In 2013 “Riserva d’Italia” was born

2013 > 2023

In these first 10 years of activity we have come a long way… up and down Italy in search of excellence.

On our way we have sometimes encountered world-class uncertainties, which have been a reason for growth for us and have pushed us towards
new goals. In 2020, for example, in the midst of the pandemic, we moved production to a larger plant
which has allowed us to increase productivity and improve logistics.

Every year we find new products and study new gift solutions, we pay great attention to the environment by making innovations
and we invest in state-of-the-art equipment capable of offering an ever better service.

Christmas 2023

To celebrate the first 10 years of activity we have invested in equipment intended to offer a new service to our customers. The unmistakable character of our gift boxes has always been the customization of the box. We were among the first to do so and from this year we also offer COLOR PRINTING on cardboard and natural wood packages. An even more effective way to convey and enhance your brand!

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