Riserva d'Italia


Commitment... to the environment

Always lovers of nature and well-being, we adopt measures that limit the impact on the environment.
Because we like to be GOOD, IN ALL SENSE!

Less is more

In the selection of our products we prefer simple packaging, which produces little waste and, if possible, does not use plastic.

A lot for the environment

Why waste paper or plastic to wrap the panettone? Therefore we have designed a practical reusable and washable cotton bag, useful for storing food, clothing and footwear.

Reusable boxes

Whether it's wooden boxes or cardboard boxes, the important thing is to reuse them. Their materials are intended to last a long time for internal use, for example to store documents or crockery.

Recyclable packaging

The cardboard used to package each gift box externally is reusable and, like the adhesive tape, recyclable.

Good example

100% of the packaging that enters ours plant is recycled, for a total of about xx tons of paper every year.

We offset emissions

Every year, with the collaboration of leading companies in the sector, we offset our CO2 emissions into the environment by planting trees.

Personal km0

To compose by hand, one by one, ours packaging we select qualified personnel who resides in the area, to avoid long journeys and thus reduce emissions.

Led illumination

We use 80% LED lighting systems and prefer natural sunlight whenever possible.


The paper materials we print on are FSC certified. That is, they come from forests where rigorous environmental, social and economic standards are met.

Green guide

We have provided our staff with a series of guidelines for saving water and electricity and for recycling. For greater inclusion and awareness.

At Christmas, we put the tree up!

For a few years now, we have wanted
share our environmental mission also with the recipients of the packages
gift that our customers buy.

This year, inside each gift box with cardboard box there is a special gift: a jar from which a small fir tree will grow!

To see the tree symbol of Christmas born, it will be enough to wet the wafer
containing the seeds and expose it to the light … a real magic for young and old!

Commitment...for the social

WE SUPPORT social cooperatives that employ disadvantaged people by purchasing their food and wine products.

WE COLLABORATE with realities that operate “in the field”: we donate the surplus stock and we contribute, through donations, to the preparation of meals.

WE FAVOR women’s work: 85% of the staff are women. For greater autonomy and gender equality.

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