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Personalized box cover

The Riserva Italia packs are a distinctive sign of the precious wooden box, handcrafted and tailor-made. You can customize the cover with the logo of your company, printed to a color.

Planting cost: € 99 one time Print price: 0.99 € cad.

More information at 0173 38 68 98.

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Single address delivery

We ship our Christmas packaging exclusively to BRt express courier, both in Italy and abroad, and we can deliver to a single address or address list provided by you.

Each Christmas basket is contained within a custom-made cardboard package, in order to guarantee the delivery of the product in perfect condition.

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Greeting Christmas cards

Within each package is inserted an elegant ticket that briefly describes the philosophy of the company and the quality of the products.

At Customer's discretion, you can add a greeting card with a custom message.

More information at 0173 38 68 98.

Delivery in 48/72 hours

We ship with Express Courier. This way we can guarantee fast delivery times and order traceability.

100% Made in Italy

Everything but everything in our Christmas packaging is completely ITALIANO. We love Italy and Made in Italy and we want to make it known to everyone!

Personalized contents

We are at your complete disposal to customize according to your tastes, the contents of Christmas packs. Contact us and request a quote!