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Confezioni regalo personalizzate


For your employees, customers, friends tailored to them

The 2017 Winter Holiday Booklet makes available to its team to assess the feasibility of making custom-made Christmas packages according to the available budget.


The services and the availability of our company are the strengths in addition to the choice of high quality food products.

Scatole natalizie di Piccole dimensioniScatola Natalizia di dimensione media 2

Scatole Natalizie di Grande dimensione

Each box can be customized with your corporate logo or with your dedication.

Reserve of Italy will follow all the packaging of the single gift package, including the personalized greeting card.

Like this:

Biglietto di auguri personalizzato

Get your Excel file to be filled with addresses to ship your home-made Christmas packs. Click on the logo:


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