Our Food-losophy - Riserva d'Italia S.r.l.

About us - Here is our FOOD-Losophy

Our job: Search for excellence and make them available for you

Each year, the Riserva d'Italia researches Italian food and wine excellence, with an eye on the small producers, often unknown to the most,
Which create unquestionable quality products. some examples?
Tajari, the traditional Piedmontese egg pudding, whose original recipe requires 30 egg yolks per kg of flour that give them the unmistakable intense yellow color and a rough texture to the touch. Our hands are exclusively handmade.

The Canestrelli, rimmed pasta dough, sprinkled with icing sugar, produced by a small pastry in the old hamlet of Genoa Voltri. Since 1912 the ingredients are the simplest: flour, fresh butter, fresh eggs, sugar, vanilla and a drop of lemon rigorously fresh. No coloring, no preservative.

Christmas Classics, Panettone and Pandoro. A recipe that is over 80 years old, with natural white-born yeast regenerated every day and 64 hours
Of leavening. It is the same mother yeast created by the founder Vincenzo Bonifanti in 1932.

Our Salumi are born in langhirano (PR). The air that comes from the sea, "the Marino", smells in the Apennine pinewoods and is great for seasoning the precious pigmeat, which become mainly Strolghino di Culatello and Raw Ham.
The Paccheri di Gragnano, the precious pasta produced with Italian semolina of "durum wheat Variety Senatore Cappelli", with very high protein value, and pure water springs from Gragnano. The dough is processed with very low drying at low temperature, the "Cirillo method".

In each package you can not miss the products of our small Farigliano farm: roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut cakes, Dogliani wine ... fruits of a few hectares of cultivation and so much passion!

Finally, there is no lack of products certified with DOP, IGP, DOCG ... guarantee of supply and quality. 

Confezioni natalizie dove siamo

Who we are

Let us come:

Reserva d'Italia selects and selects each year the most extraordinary products of Italian food and wine excellence and enclose them in elegant wooden boxes ... a gesture of love for you and your customers.

Piedmont wine, gragnano pasta, extra virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera, salami, Parmigiano and Balsamic Vinegar of Emilia Romagna. Products that represent the heart of true Italy, the one known in the world for the quality of its cuisine, the one universally appreciated for the care of its products.

It is a young company, animated by passion and the pursuit of "good things". We believe that there is something more than just gesturing in giving.

Our company:

We are in the heart of langhe, home to good food and excellent wines.
A territory made up of history, ancient recipes and ancient knowledge, today rediscovered and appreciated by young people like us, who love to wake up every morning among the vineyards that seem to be drawn, the scent of grass, embraced by the warm sun of these rolling hills.

From this land can only be born our wonderful creations.

Where we are:


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Each "Reserve" is shipped in a suitable packing suitable for shipment, in order to guarantee delivery of the product in perfect condition.