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Here are the different ways to buy our Christmas Hampers:

Do you want to receive all your hampers at one address?

Or do you want the all your hampers will be delivered at different addresses?

It is possible to make purchases directly on our website by choosing from our Christmas packages

We have studied and created an internet site that will allow you to purchase natazie packs and gourmet Christmas baskets in an easy and effective way. To do that you just need to go to the category "Christmas packs".


1. When you find the Christmas basket you are looking for, click on the "Add to Cart" button on the Item Details page. If you want to continue buying other products click on the button "Continue shopping" and continue browsing our Christmas baskets, otherwise click "End your order".

2. After adding all the items to your cart, you can finish your order by clicking on the "Payment" button that you find by placing your mouse cursor over the cart icon.

3. If you have already made a purchase in our portal, just enter your e-mail address and password, your data is already registered in our database.
If you are a new customer, you have to fill out the personal / business data form: email, and then your name, surname, address, city, postal code, province and at least one phone number (fixed or mobile). If you need an invoice enter the company name and the VAT number. (Remember: type the VAT Code in the European format eg: IT00000000000 or FR ... UK ... etc)


You can decide whether to receive all the products at a single address or we can deliver it directly to you at a list of addresses provided by you. In the case of a single shipment, select the address from the drop down menu or insert a new one using the button and click on "Next".
We can organize individual shipments directly to your final recipients. Contact our customer service at this link!


Read and accept sales conditions and select the delivery method. Click the "Next" button


You can choose between two methods of payment:

1. Credit card
Payment will be made at the time of order through a credit card transaction with BancaSella's GestPay system. There
The security of this method is guaranteed by standard SSL encryption.


2. PAYPAL payment methods for online purchases  paypal

Download our Order Buyer + File for the Address List and invoke them through:


Send the Order buyer to:
Riserva d'Italia
Loc. Corradini, 27

12060 Farigliano (CN)


Send the order buyer by fax
to the number:
+39 0171 190 0259


Send it by email
to the address:

It is always possible to make orders by filling in the order form you find on this link or within the catalog.

Our fax number is: +39 0171 190 0259

If you have any doubt about the order, please contact us by e-mail:
Our Customer Service staff will be happy to help you.